Our products and services include cleanroom construction from Class 100 to Class 100,000 and related services such as cleanroom validation, modification and weak spot assessment. We manufacture, install and repair cleanroom equipment like airshowers, passboxes and cleanbooth. We also design and construct special control systems for reverse isolation, dust collection and bacteria control environment. Our expertise covers complementary engineering and construction solutions in HVAC systems, metal fabrication and civil and architectural works for sterile and non-sterile rooms.

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First Snowden products and services are designed to meet every customer need, from standard ventilation filters to specialized filters for applications that are sensitive to airborn pollutants. First Snowden provides the best posible clean air solution, customized and optimized to meet performance as well as price criteria. Its success comes from openly communicating and cooperating with both customers and suppliers.





    HEPA / ULPA Filters


    Pre Filters


    Secondary Filters





    Design and Installation of HVAC Systems
    AHU / ACCU Installation, Rectangular and Spiral Ducting System, Flexible Ducts,
      Chilled Water Systems, Cooling Tower Repair Test

    Design Construction of Plenum, In-line Blowers, In-line Heater, Dehumidifiers
    Design Limitation and Deficiency Assessment of Aircon Systems
    Fabrication of Relief Dampers, Air Grilles and Washable Filters



First Snowden is also into the metal fabrication works. We have our own cutting, bending, welding equipment which allows us to meet design standards at the fastest delivery time. We fabricate ductings, air grilles, cleanbooths, pressure relief dampers, airshowers, passboxes, hot air blowers, washers, trays, cabinets and carts. Customers can choose from a variety of materials like G.I., aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum profiles, PVC plastic, glass and anti-static plastic curtain.


In view of the company's acquired expertise in the construction of cleanrooms, top management decided to diversify further into general construction. We are one of only 3 accredited general contractors for the St. Luke's Medical Center (SLMC) in Quezon City and St. Luke's Global in Taguig. To date, we have built operating rooms, laboratory, offices, and clinics in SLMC's Cardio-vascular, Ob-Gyne, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Women's Health and Doctor's Offices. We are the only accredited Filipino contractor at Nidec Phils. serving their needs together with big Japanese Contractors like Taikisha and Taisei Phils. We construct ordinary and controlled rooms for Panasonic and Hoya Glass Disk, which are renowned electronic firms. Our scope of work includes the civil & architectural, mechanical and electrical components of construction.



For cleanroom class 100 to class 100K

    Particle Counting
    Temperature and Humidity Test
    Airflow Velocity Test
    Air Balancing
    Hepa Filter Leak Test
    Room Pressurization Test
    Decibel Measurement
    Cleanroom Validation