In view of the company's acquired expertise in the construction of cleanrooms, top management decided to diversify further into general construction. We are one of only 3 accredited general contractors for the St. Luke's Medical Center (SLMC) in Quezon City and St. Luke's Global in Taguig. To date, we have built operating rooms, laboratory, offices, and clinics in SLMC's Cardio-vascular, Ob-Gyne, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Women's Health and Doctor's Offices. We are the only accredited Filipino contractor at Nidec Phils. serving their needs together with big Japanese Contractors like Taikisha and Taisei Phils. We construct ordinary and controlled rooms for Panasonic and Hoya Glass Disk, which are renowned electronic firms. Our scope of work includes the civil & architectural, mechanical and electrical components of construction.