The company primarily caters to the semi-conductor and electronics sector and serves major firms such as Panasonic., NIDEC Phils., Hoya Glass Disk, Integrated Microelectronics Inc., Hysonic, Amertron, Allegro, First Sumiden, First Philec and PSI .  The company captured at least 25% market share of the local air filter business.

Apart from this sector, First Snowden also serves the pharmaceutical sector with clients like Singapore Pharmawealth, YSS Laboratory, Refamed, Baxter, International Pharmaceutical. We likewise supply to hospitals like St. Luke’s, Makati Med, Asian Hospital and National Kidney Institute.


We also serve the food and beverage and consumer products industry with clients like Mead Johnson, Philip Morris Kraft Phils. and Universal Robina.

We have customers in the power sector like Team Energy.  Prestigious hotels such as Edsa Shangrila Hotel, Westin, and Hotel Intercon are also included in our client base.  Concepcion Carrier Air Conditioners use our filters for their big air handling units.  First Snowden’s capability in the cleanroom construction business is recognized by big Japanese construction firms like Taikisha, Shinryo, PHPC and Modair by making us accredited subcontractors.