First Snowden Systems is an all-Filipino company with 20 years experience in providing clean air solutions to engineering applications and offering complementary industrial solutions covering mechanical, electrical, civil and architectural works.

First Snowden Systems maintains a competitive profile and demonstrates leadership and innovation in applying cost-effective key measures. To date, it is the only Filipino contractor ISO 9001 certified for cleanroom solutions. First Snowden products and services are designed to meet every customer need. We provide the best possible clean air solution, customized to meet performance and economics in the whole spectrum of engineering from design, installation, manufacturing, construction and testing. We have nationwide capability to mobilize our resources.

The company believes in delighting the customer through a quality system designed to meet their requirements on every engagement. We strive to maintain our quality standards through continuous improvement of our quality management system and adherence to international standards. This quality standard has propelled us to be included in the Top 3,500 corporations in the country.